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Wednesday, September 02, 2009

Indian Creek Flooding Leads to Trail Closures

Boyson Trail
After the June 2008 flood, the Marion Parks Department did an excellent of quickly repairing the Boyson Trail in Marion. Last week’s heavy rain has them working again. $250,000 estimated damage resulted from flash flooding along Indian Creek. The entire length of the trail is closed. Marion Parks Director Richard Fox is asking the public not to use the trail to avoid interfering with the cleanup and rebuilding efforts. Not only does the surface of the trail need restoration, but in some sections the sub-base will also need repair (above inset). Trail repairs may take as long as two months. The Parks Department hopes to have some of the trail and the parks (Boyson and Thomas) open for use on October 15th.

Sac and Fox Trail
Flood repairs on the Sac and Fox Trail suffered a temporary setback. Work had just begun when last week’s rain elevated Indian Creek. The bridge across Indian Creek at Mt Vernon Road had been restored, but the bridge connecting the Sac and Fox Trail and the Indian Creek Nature Center is now displaced. Several areas of the trail experienced additional damage. The Sac and Fox remains closed for flood repairs, perhaps until October.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

I forgot about this post and took the family to the Sun Valley trailhead. Bikers had carved a nice path next to the washed out trail, so we figured we'd see how far we could walk, and soon realized/remembered that the bridge is completely uncrossable.

As a side note, the TRAIL CLOSED sign has been knocked over at the trailhead. We tried to upright it, but had no luck.

October 08, 2009 6:25 AM  

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