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LCTA is an all-volunteer organization supporting the development of nature trails for recreation and commuting in Linn County, Iowa.

Sunday, November 19, 2006

Seeking Web Site Feedback

The LCTA Public Awareness Committee is seeking input on the LCTA website (, including this blog site. A web site redesign may be appropriate in the future to improve lines of communication between LCTA and the community. Any advice or particular recommendations toward that goal will be appreciated. A few questions to stimulate discussion:

How often do you frequent the web site? If content were more dynamic (frequently updated) would you visit the site more often?

What do you most like/most dislike about the design of the site (organization, color scheme, availability or lack of specific information..)?

How do you view the LCTA web site: primarily as a documentation of past trail endeavors, a guide to trails currently open for public use, a source for information about current events soon to take place, or a mechanism for allowing strategic information sharing about future trails plans?

Thanks for your thoughts. :-)



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